Gravity. It's the law.

thisisnotmybike said: Would you (or did you) get out of bed to see the Blood Moon?

no i completely forgot!! I was so gutted that i missed it. i was looking forward to it for a long time. But it was also the day that we moved into the city, and it was the first time for all 4 of us moving out of our parents house, so it was a busy day, did not remember til the next day :(

abstergolaboratories said: Is it not arrogant to think that our "laws of physics" apply everywhere in the universe? Seeing as there's no evidence to prove that our laws apply millions of lightyears away?

There’s plenty of evidence. We can see space. The cosmos wouldn’t behave as they do if the laws of physics were not in existence or different in any way.

Sorry to shoot down your highdea.


John Conway first theorized that it would be impossible to create a forever-expanding universe using these rules, which was proven wrong by a team at MIT, creating the “glider gun,” which is featured in the third gif. 

Since then, thanks to computers, people all over the world have added new designs to the database, creating amazingly complex designs.

For example Andrew J. Wade created a design which replicates itself every 34 million generations! Furthermore it is also a spaceship (permanently moving pattern) and not only that, it was also the first spaceship that did not travel purely diagonally or horizontally/vertically! These types of spaceships are now appropriately named Knightships.

The simulation has some interesting properties, for example it has a theoretical maximum speed information can travel. Or simply, light speed - as that is the limit in our own universe. The limit is set to 1 cell per generation - after all how can you create something further than 1 cell away in one generation if you can only effect your immediate neighbours? And yet you can get things like the ‘stargate’ (Love the name, huge SG fan here.) which allows a space ship to travel 11 cells in just 6 generations.

Some smart people have even designed calculators, prime number generators and other incredibly complex patterns.

You can create your own patterns here:

All gifs were made from this video:

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The $100,000 pun.


Guys looks what i found on Amazon!!!!image

An hourglass that uses magnetic fluid!

and in case you forgot how awesome magnetic fluid is…


Heres the link! go buy one! (or two and send me one, cause im poor, even though its only $20…)

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Anonymous said: What is physics for you?

Wonderment. Veneration. but mostly just Fun!

Random Fact of the Day: Binary, Trinary, and Larger Star Systems


It’s actually almost rare for a star to be on its own. More than 2/3rds of all stars are in a multiple system, with 2, 3, or more stars all orbiting the systems centre of mass.

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Science Gallery Masterpost:


The best collections of sciency pictures (with descriptions) put together: (I emboldened my favourites)

The list turned out to be a bit shorter than i thought it would be, so feel free to add your own or submit links to me and ill check them out and add it.

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Lightning Appreciation Post:

  • There are nearly 500 lightning strikes every second around the world.
  • Only about 100 of these strike the earth, the others are between and within the clouds themselves.
  • Lightning is very visible from space (last gif from Astronaut Reid Wiseman)
  • Besides regular storms (thunder storms, hurricanes, etc.) lightning can be found in volcanoes (gif 3) and even intense forest fires.

In conclusion: nature is fucking awesome!

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Anonymous said: Got any fun science-y things to do with kids at home over the summer? :)

I do actually! a few months ago i posted 10 or so fun experiments you can do at home (all on my own science blog, ThatScienceGuy,) the posts were spread out over about a month so I’ll track them down sometime tomorrow and put them all in a convenient place :)

though.. if you dont hear from me again till saturday (sunday for america) it will be because i have 3 exams over the next 5 days, so just send me a message this weekend and ill do it then if i havent already! sorry for the -possible- delay xD

- ThatScienceGuy

Anonymous said: Do you help people with physics problems?

Anonymous said: Why are physicist and Astronomers so married to the “”Law of Gravity”” that they propose such ridiculous ideas as dark matter to keep it is still applicable?

Why are you so divorced to the proven univresal law of gravitation? Is there a new idea you’ve theorized and been hiding from the scientific community?

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