Gravity. It's the law.

sevenofnine24567 asked: can we go to the hadron collider sometime?

Like a PhysicsPhysics field trip?
It’s a bit of wishful thinking, I suppose. But it would certainly be very fun!



According to the laws of physics, a planet in the shape of a doughnut (toroid) could exist. Physicist Anders Sandberg says that such planets would have very short nights and days, an arid outer equator, twilight polar regions, moons in strange orbits and regions with very different gravity and seasons.

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petition to turn the earth into a fucking doughnut

We’re on board.

Anonymous asked: Do you know anything about thorium reactors?

Not more than wikipedia.

Anonymous asked: When you drop a balloon and a rock, the rock will speed up until it hits the ground but the balloon will move at a constant speed. Why is this.

Wind Resistance.
This article would be a good read for you.


Massive Carl Sagan archive posted by Library of Congress
Nearly two years ago, the Library of Congress acquired some 800 boxes of books, letters, notes, videos, and other items that belonged to late American astronomer and author Carl Sagan. Now much that massive collection — which was donated by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane — can be found online as part of a new online archive. Librarians have split it up into three sections encompassing models of the cosmos, life on other worlds, and Sagan’s life and works. The originals of all those items were put up for public display last November, though required visiting the library in person.


This is the AWWA Sky Whale, a concept for the next generation of aircraft. 

It is supposed to incorporate next gen technology and materials to create a ‘greener’ aircraft, despite having three stories of passenger seating and a fuselage twice as wide as the largest planes today.

It’s engines will be hybrid, working off solar power as well as jet fuel. it has mechanisms to reduce drag, and thanks to lighter materials the entire airplane will be lighter despite its size. The jets will even be able to rotate up and down (like a harrier jet) to reduce the size of the needed runway.

The plane will be able to seat a total of 755 passengers and will incorporate all the luxuries you would expect to go with a plane that looks as amazing as that.

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doctor-of-the-universe-deactiva asked: Oh gosh those were just copying and pasting too. Plus they were both super easy classical mechanics questions. Da heck!

Yeah… I’m pretty surprised someone would come to us. Of all places they ended up on a tumblr account’s ask page?

Anonymous asked: 2. Initially the goblin and the dwarf have the same velocity, but the dwarf has asthma and begins to slow down. He slows his pace at a constant rate of -0.6m/s^2 but the goblin maintains his velocity at 8 m/s. If the distance is 15m between the dwarf and the goblin when the dwarf began to slow down how long would it take for the dwarf to catch up? Please help me.


See my previous post.

labyrinth-of-the-mlnd asked: A girl is swinging on a maypole in a playground as shown in Figure 1.26. The girl has a mass of 36 kg and, when she is moving with a speed of 2.0 m s–1, the light rope makes an angle of 20° with the vertical. Consider the motion of the centre of mass of the girl, which moves in a circle of radius r. -- a.] What is the vertical in the rope? --b.] What is the horizontal tension in the rope? -- c.] What is the tension in the rope? -- d.] What is the net force acting on the girl? -- e.] the radius?

PhysicsPhysics is not going to and never will do your homework for you.

Please learn it yourself so you can experience the wonder and enjoyment of physics from your own perspective.

That said, we don’t want to leave you high and dry if you actually need some help. KhanAcademy and Youtube are the best resources I’ve found (and personally used) for introductory level physics tutorials.

How does this add up? The surprisingly understandable theory behind it is explained by physicists Tony Padilla and Ed Copeland from the University of Nottingham in the video above.



Magnetic putty engulfs piece of metal.

Pussy be like

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